Guy’s Corner


Hey, Thor here. I’m co-owner of the shop with Lydia, and I want to welcome all the guys that will be coming into the shop with their better halves. You’re doing your part, and we appreciate it!

Englund Marine is down at the port on the west end of town, and has all the gear you want for deep water boating and fishing. Or walk over to the waterfront, look for sea lions or ships heading up or down river.

Check out the automobile museum on Exchange Street. Its a real nice collection of vintage iron.


Take a look around the shop! We have a bunch of fabrics that you might want to get into a nice cozy quilt for the truck, boat, or cabin.

If you have some spare time while the ladies are looking around, have a seat in our easy chair. This could take a while.

We’ve lived in Astoria since 1994, so if you have any questions about the area, things to do, and places to go, just ask, we’ll help you out, or find someone who can.