ConKerr Cancer Pillowcases

I’ve been making pillowcases this weekend for ConKer Cancer group. Using the ‘hot dog’ method.  On these I don’t use the trim piece, just the cuff and body.

Lay your cuff fabric right side up (not folded), matching raw edges put the body fabric right sides together on the cuff

Fold or roll up the body fabric so it fits inside the cuff fabric.

Take the bottom edge of the cuff fabric and pin to the cuff, body layers. I stitch with a quarter inch seam, the a zigzag so it’s nice and strong.

Pull the body fabric out of the tube. Press flat. machines-041

I make a french seam, but you can do a quarter inch seam.

French seam, sew a quarter inch seam with wrong sides together, trim to an eighth inch seam. Turn, press and sew a three eighth inch seam. Turn, press and you’re done!


These will go to children with serious illnesses in the Portland area. We are a drop-off point for ConKerr Cancer.

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